About Eli Talks

ELI Talks videos present new, inspired ideas about Jewish religious engagement (E), Jewish literacy (L), and Jewish identity (I) from Jewish thought leaders around the U.S. and the world.

ELI Talks are meant to be conversation catalysts. ELI Talks share presentations intended to be turned, questioned, and contradicted, in prayer spaces and offices, around boardroom tables, and in the intimacy of our own homes. The speakers span the depth and breadth of the Jewish experience, but they aren’t individual and independent voices: they are all connected to each other and to our collective tradition.

Founded in 2012 and cultivated by long-time leader Mary Rubinstein, ELI Talks found a new home on My Jewish Learning in 2019.

Please contact My Jewish Learning with questions about ELI Talks or browse all the available videos here.

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