A Recipe for Torah: Finding Meaningful Judaism in the Kitchen

The perfect recipe for Torah must involve food. No sarcasm intended. Intrigued? When it comes to #food and #torah how could you not be?


Jonathan Posner is a Chef, a Shochet (a Kosher animal slaughterer/butcher), and currently studies in the Rabbinical School at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. Jonathan grew up in Chicagoland and is proud to call the city his home. In 2015, Jonathan founded the culinary events company Wandering Foods Productions to challenge himself as a cook, an entrepreneur, and a Jew and to breathe some youth and life back into Jewish cuisine. Its mission has grown to focus ever-more on using food and cooking to open doors into a life of meaningful Jewish culture and practice for those who have yet to find their way in. He hopes that the productions Wandering Foods puts on will inspire you, make you feel proud of who you are, and that you leave full and fulfilled.

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