Chosen People: Some Modern Views

While some modern Jews have rejected the notion of chosenness altogether, others have reinterpreted it as an ethical mission or a national spirit.

Destruction As Punishment

Tradition gives a separate reason for the fall of each Temple.

Personal & Communal Observances

The customs and rituals all relate to mourning practices.

Ethiopian-Israeli Pop Music

Ethiopian-inspired music has hit the big time in Israel.

Jews and Muslims

Sept. 11 and the Second Intifada in Israel interrupted years of improvement in Muslim-Jewish relations.

Israel’s Higher Education

Education in Israel is a life-long process.

Education in Israel

Israel has a comprehensive public education system from early childhood through adulthood.

Open on Shabbat

Government's disinterest in Sabbath inspection of businesses underscores waning Orthodox power.

Ladino Today

Is the language of Sephardic Jews, undergoing a revival?

Circassians in Israel

From the Caucasus region, their home is now Israel.

“Whose Leaves Do Not Wither”

In Jewish sources, the leaf is a metaphor for the fragility and durability of life.

A Short History of Orthodox Judaism in America

A history from colonial times to World War II.