Sages & Scholars

Jewish Existentialism

Emphasis placed on human free will and what is true to an individual.

Rabbi Eliezer

Few facts are known about this teacher of Rabbi Akiba.

Bahya Ibn Pakudah

11th-century Spanish philosopher best known for Duties of the Heart, an attempt to organize Jewish ethical teachings into a cohesive system.

Bahya Ibn Asher

Biblical commentator looked at Torah in both traditional and kabbalistic ways.

Moses Mendelssohn

Herald of the Jewish Enlightenment.

Emmanuel Levinas

A 20th-century philosopher whose Jewish sensibility influenced his encounter with Western thought and ethics.

I and Thou: A Tree

What trees can teach about relationships

Caring for Elderly Parents

What does Jewish law require of adult children?

I and Thou: Selected Passages

When a person encounters another person in total immediacy, he or she may also experience a glimpse of God.

Rav Kook & Vegetarianism

This major 20th-century Jewish thinker saw vegetarianism as the biblical ideal to which humankind should work to return.

Halakhah and Aggadah

Balancing between the importance of Jewish behavior and the meaning that Jews find in those behaviors creates a productive tension that defines Jewish life.

Keva and Kavanah

How the balance of keva (routine) and kavanah (intention) inform Judaism and the thought of Abraham Joshua Heschel.