Israel History

The Tzaddik, or Rebbe

A Hasidic spiritual leader believed to maintain a channel to God.

Shneur Zalman of Liady

Founder of the Chabad school of Hasidism.

The Theology of Chabad

The problem of divine withdrawal inspires an alternate view of the universe.

Ariel Sharon and the Messianism of Force

The legacy of a warrior and Prime Minister.

Israel’s Disengagement from Gaza

A geographic area's identity crisis ... with no easy solution.

Moderate Religious Zionism

Beyond the settler movement.

A State is Born

The creation of an infrastructure for the state of Israel.

When Herzl Planted a Tree

A well-known story that weaves together Tu Bishvat, tree-planting and the rebuilding of Israel

The Beginnings of the Territorial Conflict

An overview of Israel's relationship to the Sinai, the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights, 1948-67.

Absorbing the Exiles

Israel worked to absorb massive numbers of Jewish immigrants during the 1950s.

Palestinian-Israeli Relations

The ongoing struggle and the Middle East peace process.