American Jews

Jewish New York: The Early Years

Challenges and triumphs since 23 Jews landed in New Amsterdam in 1654.

Charleston Jews

Tensions and schism's in one of America's first large Jewish communities

The First New York Jews

Twenty-three refugees from Brazil established the first Jewish community in the future U.S.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Jews

The Jewish contribution to the development of rock music

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan's lyrics never explicitly invoke his Jewish roots, but Jewish influences are never far from the surface.

The Pittsburgh Platform, 1885

Principles of Reform Judaism: A primary historical document.

Popular Klezmer: Pushing the Envelope

With klezmer's popularity on the rise, artists have taken it in new--and sometimes "controversial"--directions.

A Short History of Orthodox Judaism in America

A history from colonial times to World War II.

The Future of American Orthodoxy

An examination of the challenges facing Orthodox Judaism in America

Why Are So Many American Jews Politically Liberal?

The post-war politics of American Jews were shaped more by Jewish experience than Jewish tradition.

Judaism in the Public Square

It's time to chip away at the wall of separation.

Jewish Workers and Trade Unions

Needling capitalism in America.