Circassians in Israel

From the Caucasus region, their home is now Israel.

The New Discovery of the Secular Believer

It's not an oxymoron: Secular Jewish Israelis value a variety of Jewish religious practices.

The Bedouin in Israel

Israeli Bedouin have an ambiguous relationship with the state.

Schooling Seculars in Honey and Halakhah

Believe it or not, Israelis need Jewish education.

Freedom of Religion in Israel

Israel's legal system provides for freedom for all religious groups.

Agriculture in Israel

Agriculture plays a huge role in Israel's society.

The Israeli Supreme Court

The highest court in the land stands up to the government policy and second-guesses parliamentary regulations.

What Palestinians Think of Suicide Bombing

While some Palestinian intellectuals condemn it, the tactic remains popular in Palestinian society.

Suicide Bombings in Israel

The Second Intifada brought with it a wave of suicide bombings by Palestinians against Israeli civilians.

Israeli Hummus Recipe

You've seen it in the stores. Now you can make it at home.