The Feminist Critique of God Language

A survey of Jewish feminist challenges and responses to traditionally male language for God.

Early Jewish Conceptions of God

Early Jewish literature was not concerned with proving God's existence or categorically defining God's nature.

About God in Judaism

Before we can begin speaking about God, we need to speak about speaking about God.

In God’s Image: B’tselem Elohim

Jewish texts teach that all humans are created in the image of God.

Jewish Spirituality

Renewing Jewish expression, belief, and practice--in ways traditional and new.

Reconstructionist Judaism and the Rejection of Chosen People

According to Reconstructionism's founder, the idea of chosenness divides peoples from each other and should be rejected, not reinterpreted.

Jewish Conceptions of God in the Middle Ages

An overview of medieval philosophic and kabbalistic approaches to God.

God in the Bible

The Bible does not have a single conception of God.

The Names of God

The God of the Hebrew Bible has many names, one of which is never pronounced.

What is Hashem?

A name for God that simply means "the Name."

God and Jewish Humor

A tradition of poking fun at the Master of the Universe.

God in the Age of Reason

Hermann Cohen and his student, Franz Rosenzweig, stressed the ethical implications of God.