The Matzah-Baking Machine

A 19th-century controversy

From Three to Four Questions

A look at the evolution of the four questions

Passover After the Civil War

Northern Jews come to the aid of the southern Jewish community.

Passover in Modern Times

The ancient Exodus continues to inspire Jews today.

Rabbinic Development of Passover

The seder takes shape in the rabbinic period.

Passover from the Bible to the Temples

The focus is on the paschal offering.

Miriam’s Cup

A modern feminist symbol

The Meaning of the Seder (Part 1)

From the first cup of wine to the breaking of the matzah

Passover (Pesach) History

Observance of Passover has taken a number of forms throughout history.

Spiritual Hametz

Passover cleaning goes beyond the physical and extends to the soul.