Tamar Biala

Tamar Biala is engaged with Jewish feminism as a writer and lecturer. She received her BA in Jewish Studies and in Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and her MA in Women's Studies and Jewish Studies at the Schechter Institute. She is the co-editor of Dirshuni: Midrashei Nashim (Yediot Acharonot and the Jewish Agency for Israel, 2009), the first-ever collection of midrashim written by contemporary Israeli women.

Articles by Tamar Biala

It’s Okay to Leave

Megillat Ruth is named for the heroine Ruth, who clung to Naomi in what the tradition has perceived as an ...

Filling the Missing Half of the Sacred Bookshelf

For years I studied and taught Torah, learning and teaching in many settings, including several batei midrash, teacher training programs, ...