Sanford Pinsker

Sanford Pinsker is an emeritus professor of English at Franklin and Marshall College. He writes widely about Jewish literature and culture, and in recent years has been a judge for the Edward Lewis Wallant Prize, the Reform Judaism Prize, and the National Jewish Book Award.

Articles by Sanford Pinsker

Steve Stern

Steve Stern's The Wedding Jester.

Ravelstein: A Writer’s Soul

Bellow's final novel was inspired by his friendship with Allan Bloom.

Isaac Bashevis Singer: Between Fact and Fiction

The life and work of Yiddish literature's Nobel laureate.

Jewish-American Fiction in the 21st Century

Vibrancy and diversity mark the new crop of novelists and story writers.

The Shlemiel of Chelm and Other Yiddish Characters

Where the lovable fools of Jewish humor came from--and what they mean.

Future of Jewish Humor

Can Jewish-American humor survive the assimilationist 21st century?

Philip Roth

A review of the Jewish satirist's long career in fiction.

Novelists in the Nineties

In the 1970s, literary critics predicted the demise of the Jewish American novel. A talented group of novelists proved them wrong.