Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Rabbi Rami Shapiro is contributing editor at Spirituality & Health Magazine and author of 36 books, including two on Ecclesiastes: "Ecclesiastes: Annotated & Explained" and "The Tao of Solomon."

Articles by Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Why I Don’t Pray

This God-intoxicated Jew doesn't find much meaning in most synagogues. Here's what I would find meaningful.

Form and Function

Often, we are so attached to the outer forms of Judaism that we neglect the principle they are meant to embody

Seeking the Face of God

When we learn to see the face of God in every being, it becomes impossible to act with anything other than compassion and justice.

God is Suffering

A close read of four biblical verses offers a powerful insight into one of the most challenging questions religion has to answer.

Kohelet: Torah for the 21st Century

The Book of Ecclesiastes may be the section of the Hebrew Bible most relevant to the way we experience the world today.