Rabbi Min Kantrowitz

Ordained in 2004, Rabbi Min Kantrowitz is the Director of Shutafim: New Mexico Jewish Community Connections, a new program of the Jewish Federation of New Mexico. Shutafim (a Hebrew word meaning "Associates") is designed to assist small, isolated Jewish communities across the state through a strategy of empowermentand support. Lay leaders from selected affiliated communities receive training, teaching, consultation, visits and other resources to reinforce their small Jewish communities and to help them flourish. She also has an active private teaching and spiritual support practice. Previously, she served as Director of the Jewish Community Chaplaincy Program of the Jewish Family Service of New Mexico for more than eight years before the closure of the agency. The program provided spiritual support and pastoral care services to thousands of unaffiliated Jews. She is the author of Counting the Omer: A Kabbalistic Meditation Guide, which provides readers with a path through the 49 days of Counting the Omer, and includes meditations, exercises, kavvanot and activities for each of the days, according to the traditional pairings of the Sephirot. Rabbi Kantrowitz received a prestigious Rabbis Without Borders Fellowship in 2012-2013. In 2006, she received the Jewish Federation of New Mexico's "Woman of Valor" award in recognition of her "extraordinary efforts in sustaining and nurturing Jewish community life". Rabbi Kantrowitz can be reached at RabbiMinKantrowitz@gmail.com or through her website, www.RabbiMinKantrowitz.com.

Articles by Rabbi Min Kantrowitz

C’mon, Let’s Do the Twist, Why Braid Challah?

We traditionally welcome Shabbat on Friday evening with Challah, the customary sweet braided bread.  Why braided?Twists and braids are mentioned ...


This parsha, detailing the priests' responsibilities and actions for five varied types of sacrifices, contains minutiae, apparently trivial specifics about a ritual which seem today, without the existence of a priestly class, irrelevant.  But, oh, the words!