Rabbi Mikey Stein

Rabbi Mikey Stein teaches Judaic studies at the Abraham Joshua Heschel High School in New York City.

Articles by Rabbi Mikey Stein

How to Say the Shema

This prayer is the quintessential Jewish declaration of faith.

How to Say the Amidah

The Amidah is the centerpiece of traditional Jewish prayer.

How to Say Friday Night Kiddush

This blessing over wine is commonly recited at home.

How to Say Ashrei

This prayer is composed of various passages from the Book of Psalms.

How to Say Mi Kamocha

This prayer, recited immediately before the Amidah, declares that God is like no other.

How to Say Modeh Ani

This prayer traditionally recited immediately upon awakening thanks God for the return of the soul.

How to Say the Mourner’s Kaddish

This prayer praises God's greatness and God's ability to bring peace to the world.

How to Say Adon Olam

This poem about God's majesty is recited both before and after services.