Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman

Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman, Ph.D., is Professor of Liturgy at the New York campus of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. He is the author of <i>The Art of Public Prayer: Not for Clergy Alone, Israel: A Spiritual Travel Guide</i>, and <i>The Way Home: Discovering the Deep Spiritual Wisdom of the Jewish Tradition</i>.

Articles by Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman

Sacred Giving

The Israelites responded favorably to the call for donations because they knew they were creating a place for God to dwell among them.

The Centrality of Kavod HaMet (Honoring the Dead)

Jewish mourning practices center more on the deceased than on concern for the living.

Does God Hear Our Prayers?

Traditional Judaism answers with an emphatic "yes!"

Hamotzi: The Deeper Significance of the Blessing over Bread

These simple words mask a subtle theological statement about the primordial past and the perfected "world to come."

Blessings Everywhere

The talmudic sages established brief blessings that make everyday events and perceptions into opportunities for spiritual awareness.