Rabbi Jaclyn Rubin-Blaier

Rabbi Jaclyn Rubin-Blaier spent several years studying Talmud and halakhah at the Jewish Theological Seminary, Drisha, Yeshivat Hadar, Pardes, and Matan, and she received ordination in 2013. She teaches Judaics to children in a variety of settings, and she loves the questions children ask!

Articles by Rabbi Jaclyn Rubin-Blaier

Bava Metzia 52

Overpay for your back, purchase at cost for your stomach.

Bava Metzia 30

Beyond the letter of the law.

Bava Kamma 114

Tax collectors and bandits.

Bava Kamma 21

It begins with negligence and ends with an accident.

Kiddushin 78

Holiness in contradiction.

Kiddushin 70

Honor and leadership.