Rabbi Jaclyn Rubin-Blaier

Rabbi Jaclyn Rubin-Blaier spent several years studying Talmud and halakhah at the Jewish Theological Seminary, Drisha, Yeshivat Hadar, Pardes, and Matan, and she received ordination in 2013. She teaches Judaics to children in a variety of settings, and she loves the questions children ask!

Articles by Rabbi Jaclyn Rubin-Blaier

Nedarim 57

Davar sheyesh lo matirin.

Nedarim 7

World’s shortest ostracism.

Ketubot 84

Justice and compassion.

Ketubot 55

Did he mean to divorce her?

Ketubot 34

The holiness of Shabbat.

Ketubot 30

Whose liability is it anyway?

Ketubot 15

When witnesses don't help.

Ketubot 6

Stuff a cork in it.

Sukkah 53

One skull floating in the water.