Rabbi Elisha Friedman

Rabbi Elisha Friedman was ordained at Yeshiva University and serves as the rabbi of Congregation Kesher Israel in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Articles by Rabbi Elisha Friedman

Celebrating the Festival of Freedom at a Time of Suffering

Passover is a symbol of hope that the redemption from slavery in Egypt prefigures the full redemption still to come.

How One 19th-Century Rabbi Responded to a Worldwide Cholera Epidemic

Israel Salanter is said to have publicly eaten on Yom Kippur as a sign to other Jews they should put health concerns above ritual ones.

Why We Start the Amidah By Blessing the Patriarchs

Opening this primary prayer by invoking our ancestors emphasizes that our relationships with our parents is a model for our relationship with God.

When Prayer Fails Us

Tisha B'Av, the saddest day on the Jewish calendar, is testament to the failure of prayer to avert national catastrophe.

Pesukei d’Zimra: Preparing Us for Prayer

These "verses of praise" seek to reorient us away from egocentrism.

Why Purim is the Holiday of Prayer

The holiday of drunken revelry is also the day that proves the Torah's assertion that God answers all prayers.

The Power of Minyan

How praying daily with ten strangers helped me recover after my wife's miscarriage.

Al Hanisim: A Holiday Prayer of Thanks for Everyday Miracles

Why does the prayer recited on Hanukkah fail to make any mention of the holiday's central miracle?