Rabbi Avi Killip

Articles by Rabbi Avi Killip

Hearing Amidst the Storm

Revelation doesn’t happen in a moment of calm, but amidst chaos and fear.

Aflame and Aglow

This world on fire is also glowing with light.

Open Door Policy

Only when we open our doors to the hungry will we really be open to redemption.

Saying Goodbye to the Greatest Generation

Like our ancestors in Egypt, we may feel lost without our patriarchs and matriarchs. But a new era is underway.

In Search of Beauty

Jewish tradition mandates that the symbols of Sukkot be beautiful.

The Magic Eye

Most of us spend our lives searching for God's presence in the world, hoping to catch a glimpse.

Sacred Fire

Fire can be destructive or constructive as well as a tool for connecting with the divine.

Get Your Plots in Order

Abraham had to search for a grave when Sarah died. Our family was luckier.

Shabbat 23

What will the neighbors say?

Shabbat 18

Can your utensils work on Shabbat?