Pamela Jay Gottfried

Rabbi Pamela Jay Gottfried is a teacher and the Dean of Jewish Studies at The Weber School in Atlanta. She is a LEAP Fellow, certified speaker of the Interfaith Speakers Network, and member of the American Guild of Judaic Art. Learn more about her book, Found in Translation: Common Words of Uncommon Wisdom, and connect with her at

Articles by Pamela Jay Gottfried

Looking for America

My baby, who is now 16 years old, returned from summer camp earlier this week with a swollen wrist and ...

Look Up!

Walking up a steep hill, on the way back to my room from the art building at Camp Ramah Darom, ...

From Seder to Iftar

I haven’t seen my friend Hafsa in a few weeks since my spouse and I enjoyed an Iftar dinner at ...

Seventeen Minutes

We stand facing the row of empty desks and chairs

Good Citizen

When the jury duty summons comes.

Winter Break Ritual

Consulting with my adult daughter about what she’s reading now...

Who Cares About Esau?

There is no way to know whether they will remember anything I taught them or whether they will still care about Esau in 25 years

Trashing the Towers

Students would transform trash into a piece of art that conveyed their understanding of the Tower of Babel story.