Nora Katz

Nora Katz is the first Director of Heritage and Interpretation at the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life.

Articles by Nora Katz

Grocery Stories

Descended from Jewish grocers, groceries have shaped my Jewish life

Mark Twain, A Biblical Drama, And a Southern Synagogue

A special production recently took place in Natchez, Mississippi

On A Dark Desert Highway, Ten Plagues Still In My Hair…

Or, a mash-up of Exodus and the longest Eagles song in the world

A Jew’s Guide to Dyeing Easter Eggs

This past weekend, I took a "dip" into a colorful seasonal art project.

The Creepy Little Mississippi Storefront I Love

Honoring my heritage and prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse all at once...

Why I Froze A Bunch Of Jewish Music (Literally)

Deep connections and unwelcome critters are all in a day's work for an archivist

The NeverEnding Story

What a cult classic movie can tell us about Judaism

At My Table: Thanksgiving Jeopardy!

One Jewish historian's enthusiastic holiday tradition.

One Of Mississippi’s “Most Endangered” Sites Is A Synagogue

Natchez, Mississippi, is home to one of the most beautiful - and endangered - houses of worship you've ever seen