Nechama Katan

Nechama Katan works in the male dominated IT/Engineering world and has six children. Nechama spent almost ten years (through two divorces) as an agunah. She is deeply interested in protecting women's rights in the Jewish community both for herself and her two daughters. Her partner supports her by doing more than his share of the work at home. Nechama has lived in communities ranging from traditional through orthodox, and has served on multiple shul boards. She has organized an inclusive Megillat Esther reading and has been part of women’s Torah services. She believes in supporting women and children in growing their knowledge and involvement in Jewish life. Nechama holds a MA in Statistics from Columbia University, a MSc in Mathematics from NYU, and a BA in Mathematics from Barnard College. She has been involved in multiple professional organizations and works as a full time Data Wizard with personality, managing a BI platform for a fortune 500 company.

Articles by Nechama Katan

After 10 Years as an Agunah and 2 Gets Later, I Know Better.

After two difficult divorces "chained" her, an Orthodox mom finds a way to protect her freedom.