Articles by MJL

The Most Instagrammable Synagogues in the World

There is no shortage of beautiful Jewish architecture.

V’ayrasteech Lee: Binding Ourselves to God

These verses from Hosea describe the bond between God and the Jewish people as akin to the one between husband and wife.

Full Text of the First Blessing of the Amidah

Hebrew, English, and transliteration for the Avot (v'Imahot).

Berakhot 29

Praying in the face of danger.

Berakhot 28

Miraculous white hair.

Keeping Kosher on the Road

Eating kosher is no barrier to seeing the world.

Complete text of Ein Kamocha

Hebrew, English translation, and transliteration for the prayer recited as the Torah is removed from the ark.

Berakhot 26

Praying at dawn.

Berakhot 20

Nothing is superfluous.