Miryam Kabakov and Rabbi Steve Greenberg

MIRYAM KABAKOV is an Executive Director of Eshel, an organization which fosters LGBT inclusion in the Orthodox world by creating community for Orthodox LGBT people, and by galvanizing Orthodox LGBT people and their families across the nation to advocate on behalf of LGBT community members, relatives and friends. Miryam is also the editor of Keep Your Wives Away From Them: Orthodox Women, Unorthodox Desires (North Atlantic Books, 2010). RABBI STEVEN GREENBERG is a Senior Teaching Fellow at CLAL, a think tank, leadership training institute and resource center and is the Director of the CLAL Diversity Project. He is the author of the book, Wrestling with God and Men: Homosexuality in the Jewish Tradition, (University of Wisconsin Press) which was awarded with the 2005 Koret Jewish Book Award for Philosophy and Thought. Steve is a founder and co-director of Eshel, an Orthodox LGBT community support and education organization and serves on the faculty of the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America. Steve lives with his partner Steven Goldstein and his daughter Amalia in Boston.

Articles by Miryam Kabakov and Rabbi Steve Greenberg

The Power of Allies

The excitement in the halls was palpable. Was the enthusiasm because of the record-breaking number of attendees (1,000), the new venue ...