Mindy Dickler

Mindy Sager Dickler, a retired teacher, is married to her loving husband Marc, and is the proud ema of three wonderful children. After retiring, Mindy got involved with volunteer work while also serving as a caregiver to her late mother, Lee Sager. As the mother of a child who is gay, Mindy has been actively involved in supporting Orthodox parents of LGBT children and working towards creating more inclusion in the Jewish community for LGBT Jews and their families.

Articles by Mindy Dickler

Reciting Kaddish in Unconventional and Unorthodox Circumstances

There were a couple of times when I said Kaddish in some unconventional or “unorthodox” circumstances, but they were quite ...

Lessons I Learned From Reciting Kaddish for Mom

The recitation of Kaddish benefits both the soul of the departed loved one, as well as the mourner.