Melanie Landau

Dr Melanie Landau delights in supporting people's access to heart and body- awakening presence, passion and purpose- supporting people to be the bridges between heaven and earth that we are. She has learnt and taught Torah, Jewish studies and feminism, trained and practiced in the healing arts and has danced in conscious relationship for 20 years. She lives in Jerusalem, and works in conflict transformation with Encounter and she founded Yeshivat Kol Isha, a women's yeshivah with a focus on embodiment and sexuality. Her journey is an ongoing quest of honoring the Sacred Feminine- and learning about and opening up to love in all of its forms.

Articles by Melanie Landau

Tisha B’Av: Transforming Victimhood, Accessing Our Most Powerful Selves

The great challenge is learning how to honor the past while being able to create a future based on fresh ...