Judith Plaskow

Judith Plaskow is a professor of religious studies at Manhattan College. She is the author of the landmark work <em>Standing Again at Sinai: Judaism from a Feminist Perspective</em>, and has written and edited a number of other volumes on the topics of contemporary religious thought and feminist theology.

Articles by Judith Plaskow

Remembering the Stranger

This commentary is provided by special arrangement with American Jewish World Service. To learn more, visit www.ajws.org.One of the central ...

Violence Against Women

Parashat Vayera offers many instances of abuse towards female biblical characters.

Tzaraat and Memory

Miriam's skin condition and the war with Amalek, Amnon and Moab are all examples of memory.

Women and Revelation

When Moses altered the message given to him by God, he cut women out of the revelation at Sinai.

Reconciling Biblical Morality with Our Own

Assumptions in Leviticus 18 are in some cases abhorrent to contemporary sensibilities.

Reshaping Jewish Memory

In the Torah, women are absent at the covenantal moment; to make up for this, Jewish history must be reconstructed.

God: Some Feminist Questions

Why female pronouns for God may not be enough.