Judith Levitan and Shelley Einfeld

Shelley Einfeld is one of the founding members of the Sydney Women's Tefilah Group which was established in 1993. She has been involved for many years organising and co-ordinating women's megillah readings and other tefilah services including Simchat Torah and Bat Mitzvah services. In 2000, Shelley was part of an Australian "delegation" of 7 people, including Judith Levitan, who attended the JOFA Conference in New York. Shelley works as an intellectual property lawyer and is an active member of her local synagogue community. Shelley is married with 2 teenage children. Judith Levitan is a lawyer who has worked for a number of years in the social justice sector. She is a founding member of the Jewish Alliance Against Family Violence, a community organisation that educates about family violence and promotes respectful relationships. She joined the Sydney Women’s Tefillah Group in 2000, after returning from a JOFA conference where she met Shelley ……and the rest is history! She has been actively involved in Women’s Tefillah events such as Simchat Torah celebrations, and other Women’s Tefillah services. Judith is an active member of her local synagogue and board member of her Jewish Day school.” Judith is married with 3 school-aged children.

Articles by Judith Levitan and Shelley Einfeld

Reading Esther and Coming of Age

The story of Esther teaches us many things, amongst them, that timing is everything.This year, the women’s Megillat Esther reading ...