Judith Greenberg

Judith Greenberg was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary. She is now a rabbi and new mother living in Chicago.

Articles by Judith Greenberg

Gleanings From Our Own Blessings

Though it may be hard to see at times, we all have abundant blessings, and even a surplus, if only we could notice it.

Reason is Lost in Anger

In his anger, Moses had lost his reason and knowledge of the law.

Cherishing What Is Broken

In this parashah, when the tablets were broken, we picked them up and valued the pieces.

Sharing: The New Give & Take

Shared responsibility enables everyone in the community to depend on each other.

Freedom Within Limits

Limits and guidelines in our own lives help us to accomplish tasks and fulfill our responsibilities.

Acting Without Thought

Thinking about those we have hurt in the past can help us be more careful in the future.

Moving Beyond Denial

Joseph's brothers are blinded by denial.

Why We Tithe

Like Jacob, we should not wait for a better day to help others.

Avoid Hurting Words

How often do we speak carelessly and hurt those we love?

Saying No To Temptation

Not giving in to temptations helps us to clarify our values and stick to our convictions.