Irene Belaga, PhD

Irene Belaga, PhD is a holistic psychologist working in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She is the founder of MindHolistic, a holistic health psychology practice that fosters emotional growth through the properties of psychology, mindfulness meditation, yoga and organic living food. She is also a writer whose work can be read in Natural Awakenings, Healing Our World and her blog on

Articles by Irene Belaga, PhD

A Feminist Walks Into An Orthodox Synagogue

This past Sukkot, I was on a spiritual high after Yom Kippur. The sanctuary had swelled with voices of prayer ...

Navigating Orthodox Conversion with a Feminist Sensibility

I was 75 percent Jewish, I told the Orthodox rabbi, my paternal grandparents and one maternal grandparent were all Jewish. “So, you’re not Jewish,” he replied.