Howard Sachar

Howard M. Sachar is the author of numerous books, including <i>A History of Israel</i>, <i>A History of the Jews in America</i>, <i>Farewell Espana</i>, <i>Israel and Europe</i>, and <i>A History of Jews in the Modern World</i>. He is also the editor of the 39-volume <i>The Rise of Israel: A Documentary History</i>. He serves as Professor of Modern History at George Washington University.

Articles by Howard Sachar

Sephardic Jewish Immigrants: The Second Wave

A renewed influx of Sephardic immigrants around the turn of the 20th century.

German Jewish Immigrants

A Bavarian influx changed the face of American Jewry in the mid 19th century.

Mercantilism and the Jews

When tolerance became profitable

Court Jews

Court Jews were purveyors who provided food, fodder, and munitions to the European courts in return for special privileges.

Was Columbus Jewish?

There has been much speculation about the famous and controversial explorer's origins.

Women Rabbis: A History of the Struggle for Ordination

While the Reform movement was theoretically in favor of women's ordination as far back as 1922, it was not until 50 years later that the first women was ordained as a rabbi in North America.

From Golden to Grim: Jewish Life in Muslim Spain

The complex political situation in Muslim Spain impacted Jewish social and cultural life there.

Inquisition in Spain

How Jews went from protected minority to persona non grata in just a few years.

The Inquisition II

The Inquisition expanded its horrible reach

Israel’s Foreign Policy

An examination of the development of the Israeli military.