Gal Adam Spinrad

Gal Adam Spinrad is a writer and social sector consultant who blogs regularly at Love, Beauty & Abundance ( She has written for the Washington Post and been interviewed on the radio. Gal is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband, Rabbi David Spinrad, and their two children, Dahlia and Judah.

Articles by Gal Adam Spinrad

When The History of Anti-Semitism and Racism Come Together

How the grandchild of Holocaust survivors and mother of an African American navigates the history of hate.

Race in America: It’s Personal

I have a black son.I have a black son and I am his white mama.I have a black son who ...

A Letter to My Son

This is the second in a short series about adoption and multiracial Jewish families that Be’chol Lashon will be running over ...