Eli Barnavi

Eli Barnavi is the Director of the Morris Curiel Center for International Studies and a Professor of Jewish History at Tel Aviv University

Articles by Eli Barnavi

Jewish Printing

The social and intellectual changes brought about by the advent of the printing press.

Jewish Science in the Middle Ages

Attitudes toward and contributions to medieval science.

Soviet Jewry Between the Wars

Soviet Jewry Between Wars. World War I and the Jews. Jewish History from 1914 - 1948. Modern Jewish History. Jewish History and Community.

A State is Born

The creation of an infrastructure for the state of Israel.

The Six-Day War

Provoked by an Egyptian military buildup, Israel fights back.

The Final Solution

How the Nazis planned and executed the systematic murder of European Jewry.

World War I and the Jews

The Great War had a profound impact on world Jewry.

Jewish Immigration to Pre-State Israel

The story of who went to Palestine, and how these successive waves of Jewish immigration shaped Jewish life there from 1881-1939.

Jewish Emancipation In The East

What differed from the West?