Elad Nehorai

Elad is a blogger, writer, and marketer who has spent most of his adult life creating and nurturing online communities. From the time he started a small online arts magazine (before such a thing was common) in college, to his efforts as an online marketer for startups, to his viral campaign “I Have A Therapist,” to his present-day communities of Pop Chassid, Hevria, and The Wisdom Daily, Elad cares about nothing more than connecting people who are desperately looking for a community that doesn’t exist in the physical world. Elad’s work has been viewed by over 10 million people, and has been discussed in places like ABC World News, Mashable, Yahoo, the New York Daily News, Tablet, and more. He has written in places like the Guardian and the Huffington Post. He is constantly on the lookout for new projects and ideas.

Articles by Elad Nehorai

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