Rabbi Diane Elliot

Rabbi Diane Elliot is a spiritual leader and somatic therapist who inspires her students to embody and deepen their Jewish spiritual lives through awareness and movement practices, chant and expressive arts, and nuanced interpretations of Jewish sacred text. She leads retreats, teaches nationally, and works with individuals in spiritual direction. Her recently published “This Is the Day, Poems,” inspired by the practice of counting the Omer, is available on Amazon. You can learn more about her work at www.whollypresent.org .

Articles by Rabbi Diane Elliot

Giving Voice

Countless moments in the Bible demonstrate the raw power of voice, divine and human, to heal or destroy. 

Fear And Faith

When does fear protect us and when does it prevent us from living?

Diving into Elul

As we prepare for the High Holidays, we are reminded that the essence of faith lies in the power of imagination.

Going for the Gold

The metal that never tarnishes is a symbol of spiritual constancy.

The Smell of Joy

We grow in our humanity and deepen our spiritual sense by building our capacity for true and enduring joy.

In Praise of Nothing

After a month filled to the brim with ritual observance, the Hebrew month of Heshvan invites us to holy stillness.

Elohai Neshama: Breathing the Soul Alive

The simple words of this traditional morning blessing draw us back to the dawn of our mythic creation.