Debbie Snyder

Debbie Snyder is a mom, clinical social worker, spouse, daughter, sister and considers herself lucky to have so many good friends. Debbie lives in Potomac, Maryland where she and her husband Giorgio Kulp are raising three rock-solid kids, David, Ariella, and Ethan. She has dedicated a good chunk of her professional life to advancing psychological adaptation in women who have been diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer in her work at a federally funded clinical research hospital. On the Jewish front, she has been integrally involved in advocating for women's participation at Beth Sholom Congregation where her daughter was the first Shabbat morning Shacharit / Torah service Bat Mitzvah in 2011 and where she helps run the Women's Tefillah Service. Her latest endeavor has been to partner with four great guys in launching JewKvox, a DC Jewish a cappella group that mixes jazz harmonies with liturgical and contemporary Jewish and secular tunes.

Articles by Debbie Snyder

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