Rabbi David Evan Markus

Rabbi David Evan Markus is senior builder for Bayit: Your Jewish Home (emergent trans-denominational incubator for Jewish spiritual innovation), past co-chair of ALEPH (umbrella organization for the worldwide Jewish renewal movement) and co-rabbi of Temple Beth El of City Island (New York). David serves on the rabbinics faculty of the Academy for Jewish Religion – New York, and on the spiritual direction faculty of the ALEPH Ordination Programs, with academic focus on Jewish liturgy, mysticism, spiritual formation and faith in the public sphere. David is a prominent scholar in residence for communities and gatherings across North America, and a syndicated blogger on Jewish life for My Jewish Learning, The Jewish Studio, and The Wisdom Daily. David’s writings also regularly appear in The Forward, Sh’ma, Moment and Velveteen Rabbi. A fellow of Rabbis Without Borders, David received dual ordination as rabbi and mashpia ruchani (spiritual director) from ALEPH. In secular life, David presides as judicial referee in New York Supreme Court, 9th Judicial District, and thus is among the few pulpit rabbis also to hold public office. David's previous public service posts include special counsel under the Chief Judge of New York, deputy director of voter protection for Obama for America, senior counsel to the New York Senate, and senior law secretary to the New York Court of Appeals. David also served as faculty in graduate public administration at Pace University and political science faculty at Fordham University. David earned his Juris Doctor magna cum laude from Harvard Law School, his Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, and his Bachelor of Arts summa cum laude from Williams College. He lives in New York.

Articles by Rabbi David Evan Markus

The Way We Were – Anniversaries, September 11 and Standing Together Again

Years later, we forget about 9/11 until something – a picture, a story, a smell or a day on the calendar – reminds us where we were, even who we were.

Judaism’s Three Rs for the 21st Century

Today's spiritual focus must be to cultivate collective human potential amidst increasing diversity and galloping social, political and environmental change.

In Cloud’s Shadow: Spirituality and Darkness

Even the "always joyful" Nachman taught that all people suffer, so we must break our hearts every day for an hour to stay real about real-life suffering.

A Missing Friend is a Holy Clue

It turns out that feeling bad can have physical advantages to help heal.

The Healing Sound of Silence

A mirror neuron is a neuron that fires both when an animal acts and when the animal observes the same action performed by another.

A Seder for Israel?

You’ve heard of a Passover Seder and maybe a Tu B’shevat Seder. How about an “Israel Seder“?The idea of a seder (“order”), ...

Who is Worthy to Lead: The Torah of Modern Politics

This week’s Torah portion (Yitro) offers a key lesson for today’s politics. It comes just before the fateful Ten Commandments ...

How to Be a “Player” in Jewish Life

What does it take to be a “player” in Jewish life? No, not that kind of “player.” I mean, what ...

Saying No to Silencing: The Jewish Duty to Speak Out

Spirituality is biography. Jewish spirituality and Jewish biography both demand a duty to speak out, reject silencing, and stand up against any ...

(Thanks)giving — A Thanksgiving for the Rest of the Year

Happy Thanksgiving! For many, Thanksgiving gathers us with family and friends, inviting us to reflect gratefully on our blessings. For ...