Daniel Bahner

Originally from Southwest Ohio, Daniel quickly formed a connection between his Jewish identity and the importance of inclusion and working towards a more socially just society. Daniel dived further into social justice and Jewish thought in his undergraduate experiences at Lehigh University in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Studying classics and religion studies, he learned the importance of reflecting upon the past but at the same time finding meaning for the present. At the same time, Daniel began to become involved in many social justice education groups, winning multiple campus awards for his involvement. His passion for social justice and education continued in his graduate studies at New York University, where he received his masters in Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs. Daniel is Keshet's National Director of Education and Training.

Articles by Daniel Bahner

For You Too Were a Stranger

How can Jews be better allies to the LGBTQ community?

A Letter to My Younger Self Series: Daniel

Part 4 of a longer series of posts in which members of the Keshet community write letters to their younger selves. Today’s letter is written by Keshet’s National Director of Education and Training, Daniel Bahner.

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