Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell is Keshet's National Program Director, managing and providing strategic direction for all of Keshet’s local and national programmatic work, including institutional change, community building, and teen engagement.

Articles by Catherine Bell

Report Back: How It Went Down at Keshet’s Defending Transgender Equality Town Hall

An energized crowd of over 150 people, from 40 organizations, turned up for Keshet’s Defending Transgender Equality Jewish Community Town ...

Emerging from Narrow Places: Passover and the Stories of LGBTQ Jews

Passover is also a time for us to reflect on the mitzrayim we face today: what are the narrow places from which we must emerge? What are the ways in which we must move toward freedom from transphobia and heterosexism in our families, our workplaces, our Jewish communities? What steps do we need to take to bring us farther along on this journey?