Rabbi Avigayil Halpern

Rabbi Avigayil Halpern (she/her) is a writer and educator whose work focuses on feminist and queer Torah. Currently based in Berlin, you can find R. Avigayil online at ravigayil.com, @_ravigayil on Instagram, and avigayil.substack.com.

Articles by Rabbi Avigayil Halpern

Ask the Expert: Can I Sit Shiva For Anyone?

Can I sit shiva for someone I'm not obligated to mourn for?

Bava Kamma 75

Last-minute confession.

Bava Kamma 29

Broken jugs and fallen camels.

How to Make Shabbat Meaningful at Home

There are many ways to make Shabbat feel meaningful outside of attending synagogue and sharing meals with friends.

Women, Tefillin, and Double Standards

I am a person who puts on, or “lays,” tefillin (phylacteries). I happen to be female. While my gender, to ...