Anne Gordon

For far too long, Anne Gordon has been pursuing a doctorate focusing on teaching Talmud to women and girls, and for even longer, she has been learning and teaching the gamut of Torah subjects. She holds degrees in History & Philosophy and in Judaic Studies from Harvard University, and is a veteran of the women's batei midrash of Jerusalem, as well has a graduate of Drisha's Scholars Circle. Anne was also privileged long ago to pay her monthly rent by bringing it to R. Lichtenstein zt"l in Jerusalem, for delivery to her landlord, his son, at the yeshivah in Alon Shevut.

Articles by Anne Gordon

The Quiet Greatness of Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein: One Woman Remembers

Tucked away, among a pile of folders and spiral notebooks that contain the photocopied sources and notes of classes gone ...