Alieza Salzberg

Alieza Salzberg teaches Talmud, Jewish history, and writing. She holds a master's from Hebrew University in Midrash and Aggada as well as a master's in creative writing from CCNY. She lives, writes, and teaches in Jerusalem.

Articles by Alieza Salzberg

Shabbat 115

Sacred books.

Shabbat 110

Do not try this at home.

Shabbat 104

The power of two.

Shabbat 103

Practicing productivity.

Shabbat 34

Radical spiritual ascetics.

Shabbat 33

Holing up in a cave.

Berakhot 49

Who has a seat at the table?

Will the Real Esther Please Stand Up?

The heroine of the Purim story is portrayed in contradictory ways in the biblical book that bears her name.

The Politics of Archeology in Israel

The meaning of archeological finds in Israel is up for interpretation.

Modern Midrash

Contemporary artists expand the Jewish bookshelf.