The Adventures of Todd and God: How to Hang a Mezuzah

Episode 3: How to Hang a Mezuzah



What it’s all about

A Symbol of a Jewish Home
Origins of the mitzvah

The Shema
Sacred text in the mezuzah

What else you should know

Touring a Jewish Home
What you can find

What Makes a Jewish Home Jewish?
Special objects & symbols

Discover More

Mezuzah Spotting

“Look… a Jewish home!”As a small child, I found mezuzah spotting to be a very exciting game. We were the only ...

How to Make a Mezuzah with Kitsch and Class

A mezuzah case made from a PEZ dispenser is a hoot. And unique, apparently — or so said Google at ...

What is a Mezuzah?

On the doorposts of houses and rooms.