Spirituality & Kabbalah

The Azamra Institute
Dedicated to the dissemination of Torah spirituality, healthcare and healing through educational programs, quality publications and Internet outreach

Breslov on the Internet
Breslov Chassidus is one of the fastest growing Jewish movements. It encompasses a diverse group of communities, and spans the entire spectrum of Jewish thought

Chochmat HaLev
A  Jewish meditation center in Berkeley, California

Elat Chayyim
A Jewish retreat center in upstate New York

Exodus 3:14 presents what is universally acknowledged to be amongst the greatest exegetical challenges in the Bible

Jewish Contemplatives
A website in blog format aimed to provoke discussion on "dedicated contemplative lifestyles" in Judaism

Provides on-line support for those seeking an authentic Jewish spiritual connection or those that struggle with physical or emotional obstacles

The Jewish Spirit Online
The web site of Maggid Yitzhak Buxbaum and home of The Jewish Spirit Journal

The Kabbalah Centre
A Los Angeles-based institution with branches worldwide dedicating to teaching kabbalah

Kaballah Now
A spiritual archeology and journey of exploration based in the teachings of Samuel Ben-Or Avital

Aims to make the inner dimensions of Jewish mysticism accessible to people around the globe

Meaningful Life Center
A non-profit organization dedicated to personal, societal and global transformation through presenting the universal wisdom of the Torah as a blueprint for life

National Center for Jewish Healing
A New York-based organization that "helps communities better meet the spiritual needs of Jews living with illness, loss and other significant life challenges."

Nishmas Chayim
Offers the opportunity to explore the depths of the Jewish soul through in depth textual study, prayer and hands on experiences

An online magazine of Jewish spirituality

A bank of rituals for many different occasions

Shaar Hashamaim
An academy for kabbalah study in Jerusalem

Website of author and teacher Tziporah Heller

Yedidya Center
Helps seekers explore Jewish pathways to a nourishing relationship with the divine and with Jewish tradition

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