Social Action

The Aleph Institute
An organization whose mission and mandate is to serve society by providing critical social services to families in crisis, addressing the pressing religious, educational, humanitarian and advocacy needs of individuals in institutional environments, and implementing solutions to significant issues relating to our criminal justice system, with an emphasis on families

An organization working for a progressive Israel and America

American Friends of Magen David Adom
Fundraises for Magen David Adom, Israel’s Equivalent to the Red Cross Society

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
Serves the needs of Jews throughout the world, particularly where their lives as Jews are threatened or made more difficult

American Jewish World Service
Relief and aid organization helping to alleviate poverty, hunger, and disease among the people of the world regardless of race, religion, or nationality

Amcha–The Coalition for Jewish Concerns is an independent grassroots Jewish organization dedicated to raising a voice of conscience on behalf of endangered Jews

A year-long Jewish service fellowship

Bend the Arc
Bend the Arc engages communities and people throughout the United States in creating economic opportunity and promoting social justice.

Canfei Nesharim
Dedicated to educating the Orthodox community about the importance of protecting the environment from the perspective of Jewish tradition and Halacha

Center for Jewish Alternatives
Provides support and guidance for individuals and groups alienated from, or dissatisfied with their local Jewish institutions as they strive to create meaningful Jewish alternatives

Coalition On the Environment and Jewish Life
An educational and activist organization promoting Jewish values regarding environmentalism

The Compassionate Listening Project
Dedicated to empowering individuals to heal polarization and build bridges between people, communities and nations in conflict

Gift of Life Bone Marrow Registry
Aims to facilitate bone marrow transplants for patients around the world suffering from life-threatening illnesses by increasing the representation of the Jewish people in the bone marrow donor pool

A Jewish environmental organization

The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation
Dedicated to keep the example of Raoul Wallenberg alive, with the aim of promoting peace as well as developing educational projects based on the concepts of solidarity, dialogue and understanding, with no distinctions

Repair the World
Offers intensive, immersion service experiences in which volunteers serve full-time

The Jewish Council on Urban Affairs
Combats poverty, racism, and anti-Semitism in partnership with Chicago’s diverse communities.

Jewish Organizing Institue and Network
A year-long program of leadership training focusing on social action issues

Jewish Prisoner Services
Provides direct spiritual, outreach, and advocacy services for Jewish prisoners and their loved ones

Jews United For Justice
Jews United for Justice leads Washington-area Jews to act on their shared Jewish values by pursuing justice and equality in their local community.

Just Tzedakah
Provides tools and encouragement to increase the level and effectiveness of tzedakah (charity) among American Jews

Kavod Jewish Social Justice House
An innovative project to create community for 20-30-something Jews and connect them with social action opportunities

An organization that fights hunger

Provides support for victims of terror in Israel

Operation Embrace
Encourages and facilitates outreach to support injured Israeli victims of terror and their families

One Family Fund
Provides direct financial, legal, and emotional assistance to the survivors of terrorism

Orr Shalom Children’s Homes
Provides homes and services for troubled and needy children in Israel

Rabbis for Human Rights
An organization of Israeli rabbis committed to defending the human rights of all people in Israel

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East
An independent, faculty-driven, not-for-profit organization with well over 600 members, representing 200 campuses worldwide

The Shalom Center
A network of American Jews, led by Rabbi Arthur Waskow, who draw on Jewish tradition and spirituality to seek peace, pursue justice, heal the earth, and build community

An alliance of progressive Jewish activists, community organizers, and lay leaders in Greater Boston committed to mobilizing the Jewish community to work for a fundamental, systemic change in American Society

Uri L’Tzedek
An Orthodox social justice organization guided by Torah values and dedicated to combating suffering and oppression

Yad Eliezer
Provides food to men, women, and children in Israel

Jerusalem center for learning and social action

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