Psalm 85: Justice and Peace Kiss

Shira Kline performs a musical selection from Psalm 85.

Psalm 85 reads as a list of wishes: For God’s forgiveness, for deliverance, for an end to God’s wrath. In the midst of this vision of a world of justice and peace, the psalmist writes this:

חֶֽסֶד־וֶאֱמֶ֥ת נִפְגָּ֑שׁוּ צֶ֖דֶק וְשָׁל֣וֹם נָשָֽׁקוּ׃
Faithfulness and truth meet; justice and well-being kiss.

Listen to this musical rendition of these lines from Psalm 85 by Shira Kline, a New York-based performer, educator and ritual artist and one of the founders of Lab/Shul.

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