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Online Learning Opportunities from My Jewish Learning

MJL now offers multiple additional ways to learn about Jewish life and ritual from the comfort of home.

My Jewish Learning offers a vast library of articles on the full gamut of Jewish life, from history to culture to ritual practice to sacred texts — and much, much more.

But for those looking for a deeper experience, we also offer additional ways to delve further with a number of unique email series built around particular subject areas. Our free email series provide additional depth of understanding around a particular topic in Jewish life.

A Daily Dose of Talmud: This daily email series offers a teaching from a page of the Talmud, timed to the Daf Yomi cycle, a global project of learning a page of Talmud every day. (If tackling the entire Talmud feels like a lot, try starting with this email series on just the first tractate.)

Journey Into Shabbat: Shabbat is fundamental to Judaism. This beautiful and thoughtful series will explain Shabbat basics, like blessings and hosting a meal, as well as the deeper meaning behind the weekly day of rest.

Wisdom Comes With Years — A Jewish Guide to Aging:  From second bar and bat mitzvahs to fostering sacred connections, this series will introduce you to Jewish wisdom on the joys, challenges and potential of the later years of life.

The Deeper Side of Prayer: This weekly series offers unique insights, perspectives, history, pronunciation guides and more about individual pieces of Jewish liturgy.

Discovering Jewish Spirituality: From movement to creativity to kissing (yes, kissing!), this series will introduce you to various ways to enhance your Jewish spiritual life.

Choosing Judaism: Are you considering conversion? Do you know someone who is? This series will guide you through all the steps involved, from the initial decision to convert through the conversion ceremony and beyond.

Getting Comfortable in Synagogue: Do you find synagogue attendance intimidating? This series can help by introducing you to the basic structure of a synagogue service and diving deeper into the meaning of the most common prayers.

Personalities of the Bible: Get to know fascinating personalities from the Jewish Bible, from the well-known to the under-appreciated, and learn how you can be like them.

Great Jewish Books: Dive into the best of Jewish literature with this series covering the must-read Jewish books of the last 100 years.

Guide to Torah Study: Few things are more central to Jewish life than studying Torah. This series will introduce you to the most essential sacred Jewish texts and the various ways of studying them.

Understanding the Haggadah: The Haggadah is the basis of one of the most widely observed Jewish rituals: the Passover seder. This series will give you new insights into this text.

The Whole Megillah: Five books of the Bible are known as megillahs, or scrolls: Esther, Ecclesiastes, Songs of Songs, Ruth and Lamentations. This email series, timed to the particular Jewish holiday on which each of these is read, will give you new insights into these unique books.

Jewish Wedding Prep: This beautiful 8-part series will introduce you to all the rituals that make Jewish weddings so special and the ways they have been adapted to changing circumstances. Includes special resources for interfaith couples.

Grief and Mourning: This series guides you through the major Jewish rituals after the loss of a loved one.

Jewish Values to Live By: Jewish values lie at the core of who we are as a people. This series will guide you through contemporary understandings of these core values and what they mean for us today.




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