Listen to the Shofar Blown Around the World

Shofar blowers from Paris to Los Angeles to New Zealand to a kibbutz in Israel blow the shofar to welcome the new Jewish year. Watch this remarkable video here.

The shofar is a ram’s horn blown on Rosh Hashanah, during the Hebrew month of Elul, and at the conclusion of Yom Kippur. Jews believe that hearing the sound of the shofar is a reminder to prepare for the new year and a call for introspection about the past year and what we want to do better in the year ahead.

Want to see more shofar blowing in other places across the globe? Check out these additional videos from My Jewish Learning below.

Rabbi Michelle Fisher blows shofar from Boston, Massachusetts.

Nili Salem blows shofar from Venice Beach, California.

Randall Weiss blows shofar from San Francisco, California.

Dani Rotstein blows shofar from Majorca, Spain.

Rabbi Raysh Weiss blows shofar from Yardley, Pennsylvania.

Tiago Ramari blows shofar from Maringa Brazil.

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