How to Have a Zoom Candle-Lighting This Hanukkah

Some creative ways to light the menorah together while apart.

Getting together with friends online has never been easier. By this point, many of us are tired of Zoom, but it can’t be denied that it is a great platform for all kinds of virtual events. This Hanukkah, we’ll be seeing many online gatherings for menorah candle-lighting, so here are some tips for hosting an engaging and fun zoom candle-lighting that your friends will surely enjoy. Our number one rule? Have fun with it! 

Design a Fun Invitation

Online events still deserve beautiful invitations. Having a sweet invitation will also garner excitement from your guests and make them feel special. You can create your own or use any of these easy-to-use and pretty templates from Canva. 

Write Up an Itinerary

You can include this in your invitation, or have a save the date, and then send a follow up invitation with a schedule. For example: first 5 minutes might be for blessings, then lighting, then songs. You might invite everyone to then share a favorite Hanukkah memory, or something they’re looking forward to about Hanukkah this year or next. Even if your event is only set to be 15 or 20 minutes long, having an itinerary can reduce awkwardness and build anticipation. 

Plan Your Angles

Prepare your camera angle in advance so you can fit the menorah in the lens and easily maneuver so you can show your face. You might even consider using two screens, one for you and one for the menorah. Encourage your guests to plan their angles too, so that when it comes time for the event, everyone is ready and excited to light together. You can even add it on the bottom of your cute little invitation. 

Go the Extra Mile

Try mailing your guests  a box of gelt and dreidel so that it arrives in time for the event. Then, you and your guests can play dreidel together online after you light the menorah and sing the songs! You can customize what you decide to send to your guests if you want to send some donuts. This virtual dreidel game works beautifully and you can share your screen and play together and eat gelt together. 

Now that you are armed and ready like a true Maccabee, get out there and get planning that Zoom candle-lighting event! 


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