How to Find a Yahrzeit Date

Resources for finding — and remembering — the Hebrew anniversary of a loved one's death.

Yahrzeit is a Yiddish word meaning the anniversary of a death.

Jews traditionally observe loved one’s yahrzeit at home by lighting a special long-burning candle in memory of the deceased and at synagogue by saying the Mourner’s Kaddish during prayer services.

Use the Hebrew-Gregorian calendar converter below to find out your loved one’s yahrzeit date, the Hebrew anniversary of their death, by entering the Gregorian (secular) date of their death.

Convert a date to Hebrew
Convert a date to Gregorian

Many synagogues routinely send out yahrzeit reminders to members who request them. In addition, several websites, such as the National Jewish Memorial Wall and Virtual Yahrzeit maintain “virtual” walls and will send yahrzeit reminders for you free of charge.

Learn more about marking a loved one’s yahrzeit here.

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