Class Resources and Haggadah Downloads for “Passover Seder in the Time of a Plague” with Noam Zion

On this page, you can find the class material for “Passover Seder in the Time of a Plague,” including two Haggadahs, discussion questions for your Seder, and more. The class sessions meet on Thursday March 11 and Thursday March 18 at 1:00 p.m. ET. If you are not already registered, you can register here.

Feel free to browse through these materials, or print them out, ahead of class. The teacher, Noam Zion, will reference them in class.

Coronavirus Seder Planner: Reflections, suggestions, readings, and activities.

Zoom Guide for the Perplexed Seder Leader: A step-by-step guide for Seder leaders.

Five Obstacles to a Good Seder: The pitfalls and the solutions.

A Different Night Haggadah: A Family Participation Haggadah by Noam Zion and David Dishon. Seder Planner for A Different Night Haggadah: To be used in conjunction with A Different Night Haggadah.

A Night to Remember Haggadah: The Haggadah of Contemporary Voices by Mishael Zion and Noam Zion. Seder Planner for A Night to Remember Haggadah: To be used in conjunction with A Night to Remember Haggadah.

Walk-Through Haggadah Planning: 101 Ideas to Make Your Seder More Participatory.

Seder Activities: Lots of creative ways of enriching your Seder.

Passover Cartoons: Have a laugh with these Passover-themed cartoons.

Haroset Around the World: Recipes for various traditional harosets.

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